Vote: Responsive Vertical Menu

Anyone else who would like a vertical responsive menu please vote.
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Latest By tylerc82588

07 December 2016

Started 16 May 2016 by DaveOzric

Vertical Menu - Responsive

I see now it has responsive options. But doesnt seem to work ? Or I am doing something wrong.
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Latest By Malinka

03 October 2016

Started 07 September 2016 by Stagger Lee

Verical Menu Levels

Hello. After upgrading to version 3.3.7 of the vertical menu editor lost the ability to control levels. I attached the differences in the form of screenshots.
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Latest By Support Team

30 August 2016

Started 24 August 2016 by innovoq

Add a vertical menu in themler for joomla

Hello, I'm trying to add a vertical menu in themler for my website that already have a main horizontal menu. In fact i would like to link them but anyways.. i cant find how to add a vertical...
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Latest By Stagger Lee

25 July 2016

Started 20 July 2016 by maillard.jul

The responsive menu is not working in the final site

In the test site the responsive menu works great: When i put in the final destination the menu dont work. Is the same theme, the same...
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Latest By brun381

09 June 2016

Started 07 June 2016 by gsandoval