Responsive header

Hi, I want to have a responsive header and background image. I noticed that this question has already been asked and answered, but it does not aply to my wishes. What I would like to see (and maybe...
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2 weeks ago

Started 04 August 2015 by rar_c

Mobile version without changing computerversion

Hi, I have a question about making mobile version of site. Is it possible to edit mobile version without changing anthing on computer version? Regards
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02 August 2019

Started 25 July 2018 by

Reduce logo to follow screen size

Hi again, Just noticed that the logo wouldn't reduce in size accordingly to the smaller screen size. What do I do?
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08 May 2019

Started 08 May 2019 by cynthia4

Documentation for slide sizes needed

Hi, Can't find any documentation for the size option on slides? How does these responsive sizes differ (work) ? -cover -contain -wide (100% auto) -stretch (100% 100%) -by container (100%)
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13 August 2015

Started 12 August 2015 by michael31

wordpress theme: image with caption not showing & responsive view sidebar issue

Hello, I recently switched from artisteer to themler in wordpress ... I like it quite a lot. BUT I noticed some issues I could not fix: 1) All my images with captions are showing up on the single...
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09 August 2015

Started 08 August 2015 by moonsis