Link on sharing site through whatsapp

Hi, How can I show Whatsapp icon on page to share the website? I can see Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. but cannot see Whatsapp. Please help. Thank you.
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25 September 2019

Started 11 September 2019 by sunil.pande

Problem with Social Links feature for the header

I think there is a problem when inserting a link to a facebook page and ask for it to be treated as a static URL, Themler currently converts that to a share page link, which is not what we need. we...
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24 May 2019

Started 15 May 2019 by David at Acoma

Use Social icons to link forward, not to share

Good evening Is it possible to use the social icons just to link to facebook (for example)? When I use the facebook button, I can only add an url for sharing. I don't want to share it, I want to use...
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02 May 2019

Started 02 May 2019 by Seppe

Social icons - links

Hello, I have added Facebook and LinkedIn icons via the "Social Media" option and inserted the links (static URL option), however my Facebook and LInkedIn sites doesn't open directly. When clicking...
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05 February 2019

Started 03 February 2019 by mbs