Link on sharing site through whatsapp

Hi, How can I show Whatsapp icon on page to share the website? I can see Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. but cannot see Whatsapp. Please help. Thank you.
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25 September 2019

Started 11 September 2019 by sunil.pande

Problem with Social Links feature for the header

I think there is a problem when inserting a link to a facebook page and ask for it to be treated as a static URL, Themler currently converts that to a share page link, which is not what we need. we...
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24 May 2019

Started 15 May 2019 by David at Acoma

Social icons - links

Hello, I have added Facebook and LinkedIn icons via the "Social Media" option and inserted the links (static URL option), however my Facebook and LInkedIn sites doesn't open directly. When clicking...
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05 February 2019

Started 03 February 2019 by mbs