sticky header vs sticky sidebar

My header is made sticky, no there is no problem with that. in my website, I have a left sidebar. With a joomla-position I made an extra side-menu. With the extensions of the sidebar, I could make it...
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22 August 2019

Started 17 September 2016 by Seppe

Stop sticky affix in sidebar when footer

Hi, I need that a sticky affix / scrollspy stops when right sidebar end and start the footer position. Now when i turn on this boostrap option on Themler the sidebar doesn't stop and going over the...
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25 March 2019

Started 10 May 2017 by gcg

WordPress Site - Fix on Scroll / Sticky Extension places button behind other elements on scroll

Hi, I've working on the following site - and have placed a 'quote' button on the home page as a landing page element. I want this button to scroll...
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01 March 2017

Started 28 February 2017 by The Sarge

Fix on Scroll for mobile menu

Hello Support, I don't find in my Themler Version (v.355) the "Fix on Scroll-Function". When I have a horizontally menu and I go to the expansions there isn't the function. You can see it in the...
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24 February 2017

Started 20 February 2017 by oliver.sartor