Mobile Menu Can't Select Primary Page

I've published a site with my theme in Wordpress. Everything's finally going well - just some minor tweaks before I go live. However, when testing the phone menu, I've having trouble on menu items...
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30 December 2019

Started 05 September 2016 by ptrader

Submenu on Mobile Options

I have a WordPress site that has numerous pages. On a phone, if I configure the submenu as: 1) On Click - you can't navigate to any of the parent pages...clicking a parent menu item toggles the...
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29 January 2018

Started 02 June 2016 by johnzeiger

SubMenu Settings

I want the submenus on the phone to be centered. I have got the cheesburger icon centred and the top level centred, but the menu item for an active page is left aligned and the submenu left...
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17 April 2017

Started 13 April 2017 by len