Please add an option to add custom media queries to fit any responsive mode needed

Hello Themler Team, I though alot about how to work with themler and the differences in responsive modes, and i thought about a solution, though i admit , this solution is probably really hard to do,...
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07 December 2016

Started 29 January 2015 by shaulhadar

Adapting site to tablet and smart phone.

I would like to make my work on phones, I tried but failed, do you have a tutorial for this? How do I make that two columns which are next to each other in desktop, laptop and...
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22 January 2016

Started 15 January 2016 by aljo

HTML Responsive automation

Can someone point me to a video for help or an explanation for why after setting up a 4-column layout in desktop and laptop view doesn't automatically re-format into a 2-column grid in tablet view...
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16 October 2015

Started 13 October 2015 by kami88