the page does not work! when is it expected to improve? it hasn't been going on for a long time and I've indicated before. I want to download a complete template thank you
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01 April 2022

Started 16 March 2022 by tamas

Getting back the Theme into Themler

Dear all, basically I have the problem that I cannot re-import my Template for Joomla into Themler because I didn't know/realize (as the other posts say) that I have to use the "include" option at...
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01 November 2019

Started 24 January 2016 by Karschten

How do i create custom templates for the Html version of themler?

When creating template pages, i noticed i m only limited to: Home, Blogs, Post and Page. hence custom widget applied to once reflects to all the pages of the selected templates. I think it would be...
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28 July 2017

Started 28 July 2017 by kokou.afidegnon