Cannot redeclare theme_is_customizer()

Hi, when I try to open themler on my wordpress site, the error comes out: "Cannot redeclare theme_is_customizer() (previously declared in...
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16 November 2023

Started 15 November 2023 by MercurioWeb WebStudio

Cannot save my template

I edit my template in Joomla, so far so good, but when i try to save i get a blinking screen and nothing happens. Even if I try to log out from Themler and login again I cannot...
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20 March 2020

Started 14 March 2020 by hoitink

Latest WordPress 5.3 Update Causing Themler Themes to break

I went install a themler theme to one of my demo sites for a client to customize, and got a whole mess of errors. Called my hosting company and they said it is a result of the latest WordPress 5.3...
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15 November 2019

Started 13 November 2019 by gmmcreative

Still waiting on answer for why native wordpress function for spotify player doesn't work with #190106

Several weeks ago, I posted an issue that the native spotify player for WordPress does not work with Themler. I gave support admin access to the site I have the issue with, and have not heard another...
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05 August 2019

Started 05 August 2019 by ren64

Is Themler too buggy?

It doesn't take much of a search to find a lot of complaints about Themler, and in their own forums. I guess that's as good of a place as any to gripe. Every one of those complaints are legitimate....
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12 January 2016

Started 08 January 2016 by tfurmato