working version of Themler desktop (Joomla)

Good morning When will programmers produce a decent working version of Themler for Joomla? Ever couple of weeks, the program stops working. There is always the same error., see attached. You can...
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21 November 2019

Started 05 November 2019 by Seppe

Themler will not work with latest Joomla 3.9.0 update

The latest Joomla update to 3.9.0 is not allowing Themler to access the server. So Themler is NOT usable in any site that has Joomla updated to the latest version. Once Joomla is updated there is NO...
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07 November 2019

Started 30 October 2018 by tmgarrison

How to remove themler desktop version?

Good evening I downloaded the latest version of themler to re-install the programm. Tryout 1: configuration screen - remove software -> no luck Tryout 2: I started the downloaded file -> I receive...
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13 January 2017

Started 12 January 2017 by Seppe