Themler updates

Dear Themler Team. Please, post on the website: new versions of Themler. When downloading to eg Wordpress version v.475 downloads and we already have version v.502. It...
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20 April 2020

Started 07 April 2020 by jarek0643

Updates log out of date

The updates log is out-of-date. It shows v.367 as latest, when v418 is the latest. Please update the updates log.
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10 May 2019

Started 03 October 2017 by Team Veritas

Beta 478

Any clue as to what is in this update? Can you keep the updates page updated with updates for us to see the updates? Thanks
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27 December 2018

Started 26 December 2018 by DaveOzric


Many thanks Olivia for the information. Then I understand that when a customer buys them, he buys the old version 3.19 and not the last one that exists at that moment, for example, now 4.18, it means...
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10 November 2017

Started 08 November 2017 by libertad3613

Where are the updates and what is the roadmap

When i look at a while ago. There where weekly updates of Themler and there seemed to be a vision for the near future. Now it's more then 3 months since the last update came and with every forum-post...
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04 March 2017

Started 21 February 2017 by Scorpion Computers & Software