Why is Themler so slow? Let us reason

Themler UI has, for the most part, delays up to 1-2 seconds when changing parameters on a Quadcore 2.6 Ghz, Windows 10, 4 GB Ram, 256 GByte Samsung SSD. This is not acceptable. For me, the design...
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Latest By benjamin_roehling

29 June 2020

Started 20 June 2020 by benjamin_roehling

Secondary menu in the dashboard UI

Hello, To work my templates, I insert a section in which I put the images, these are my color palettes. I add an extension "fix on scroll" that way my images follow me. The problem with this...
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Latest By lesergei

21 March 2016

Started 21 March 2016 by lesergei

Old UI for Joomla is back.

I just started a new website in Joomla 3. I installed my original blank template to start modifying it. After clicking edit I see the old interface so I click the "red update" link. After going...
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13 February 2016

Started 12 February 2016 by cogray