Verticale align of 2 text blocs in a container

How can i 2 blocs of text and a separator verticale align in a container.
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4 weeks ago

Started 24 March 2022 by arawolf

Picture Alignment Vertical will not work ??

Hi, i want to align a picture Vertiacl in the middle on Sidebar right. It will not work? Thanks Michael
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15 July 2016

Started 14 July 2016 by MJ68

How to vertically locate elements with different height at the middle of a container?

I am working on a WordPress Theme for a client using Themler Pro. The header includes a logo image (using a Logo Control) and a menu bar. I want for both of them to position in the same line: logo...
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10 December 2015

Started 03 December 2015 by UrielG