Vertical Menu in Joomla

Hi, I can't understand what the abbreviation "PW" refers to in this guide
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27 July 2020

Started 26 July 2020 by MercurioWeb WebStudio

Are there any Verticle menu tutorials?

Do you have any tutorials showing how to style the animations and positioning of the submenu items in the verticle menu? I have a verticle menu, I have added some submenu items which appear in the...
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16 November 2015

Started 05 November 2015 by eleanor

Vertical menu styling - Joomla

Hi, I've created a vertical menu and put it in the 'right' module position. I've added vmenu to the module class suffix and put a space in front of it. Now I've tried changing the style in Themler /...
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29 October 2015

Started 29 October 2015 by eleanor