Updated: Themler for Joomla and WordPress (Video)

We have created video tutorial explaining the basic feautures of Themler using the Joomla plugin as an example. This demo shows features of WordPress plugin.
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30 June 2021

Started 17 April 2018 by Support Team

Why I like Themler despite all the negative reviews

I like Themeler! There I said it. I have built many Themler templates for Joomla 3 and while I agree with the frustration some people have voiced here I'm trying to see the bigger picture. This is an...
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14 March 2017

Started 14 March 2017 by cogray

When will you update the tutorial videos to show the new user interface?

I'm trying to get started on Themler, but I find it hard to use the tutorial videos that are provided. These videos seem to be made for an older version of Themler, my user interface doesn't look like...
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23 January 2017

Started 18 January 2016 by peter.s.klaassen

Why, Oh Why, Do You NOT Have Voice Over in Video Tutorials???

I know it is a recent, I think, cute, way to do video tutorials not to have any voice over at all. May I suggest that you have lost sight of the reason for having tutorials: They are to make it FAST...
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08 January 2016

Started 03 August 2015 by sky