Do you have an afilliate program

I would like to know if you have an affiliate program to sell your editor? Since in Spanish, at least in Mexico, the editor is not well known and the tool is super excellent. I want to know if I can...
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11 February 2020

Started 07 February 2020 by maro_b_j

Reminder: Let's vote to help developers prioritize important features

Form styles (dropdown, radio, checkbox) Please add an option to use an off-canvas menu in templates Animated resizing Header on scroll Change history Bullets only on menu item with submenu...
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22 August 2016

Started 08 August 2015 by Vitaliy WD

Secondary menu in the dashboard UI

Hello, To work my templates, I insert a section in which I put the images, these are my color palettes. I add an extension "fix on scroll" that way my images follow me. The problem with this...
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21 March 2016

Started 21 March 2016 by lesergei