The WordPress theme's export feature isn't working as it should

Hello The produced zip file appears to be empty upon download when trying to export a theme. I use WordPress version 6.4.2 and Firefox version 122.0 on Windows 11. Any advice on how to fix this...
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14 May 2024

Started 03 February 2024 by davidwarner

Where are the localhost WordPress files?

I installed Themler for WooCommerce on a Windows 10 PC, but I can not find the files anywhere in the File Explorer.
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04 January 2016

Started 03 January 2016 by stig

Themler Question

Hi There I am longtime Artisteer users. If the program is set with the time and you then take only Themler? And very important. Is Themler available as Artisteer in German? What would you...
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15 August 2015

Started 06 August 2015 by Ivan_Krypt

No .exe file in Windows install

I downloaded the Windows-based Themler after the CMS Themler gave me problems. Everything installed successfully, but when I clicked on the new desktop Themler icon, no software was opened. After...
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04 August 2015

Started 03 August 2015 by ben78