migrate theme wordpress to woocommerce

Good evening, I have a license for woocommerce. I have created a theme for wordpress but now I need to adapt it to woocommerce. How can I migrate the existing theme into a woocommerce theme without...
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18 April 2018

Started 17 April 2018 by ilio

Woocommerce Cart buttons impossible to translate

I´ve been trying everything: used translation plugins, tried to create new sets of po and mo files and hard coded to simply translate cart buttons to spanish. I´m so amazed that such a great software...
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11 August 2017

Started 10 August 2017 by jlsierra68

Can i make this website

Hi, with your software can i make a layout like this: http://www.nerogiardini.it i ask before buy:) Andrea
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09 July 2016

Started 08 July 2016 by liberati.a