Themler 2.0 with Bootstrap 5 and support only two CMS: Joomla 4 and WordPress 5

Hi everyone and Themler team. Once again I want to start discussion about Themler future and suggest a solution. We need Themler 2.0 with Bootstrap 5 support make modern websites based on...
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6 days ago

Started 04 December 2021 by Vitaliy WD

WordPress 5.0.3 not start Themler

New web wordpress new plugin and theme themler for wordpress and not start themler, white screen. Please help me.
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12 February 2019

Started 12 February 2019 by m.horsky

Wordpress 5.0 Update

Hi on November 19th Wordpress 5.0 Update will be launched. Will there be any issues in the new default update of Wordpress 5.0. Will there be any major issues. With the current sites installed on my...
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14 January 2019

Started 14 November 2018 by jasonjgrey