Wordpress: Themler loses images and formating BUT the website still works.

This is a strange one. I have several customer WP websites and have been slowly converting them to Themler with really good results. I am gaining confidence and the results are impressive but the...
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04 August 2017

Started 01 August 2017 by john.craig

wysiwyg in backend editor

Hi, in Artisteer I could get the formatting to show up in the article editor (I'm using JCE editor) by pointing to the editor.css file. I spent ages looking but just can't seem to get a way of doing...
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18 February 2016

Started 14 February 2016 by Greebo

WYSIWYG wordpress editor

A nice feature that could be build based upon the available bootstrap framework that would truly help to create not only great themes but also great content is a WYSIWYG editor for the content. It...
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15 August 2015

Started 11 August 2015 by jurjen