Need to add custom CSS Class for some controls like section, columns, buttons etc

Dear Sir, Important, I like to add some animation to section sections, columns, section, buttons etc. Could you please let us know how ??? Your already refered URL -...
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31 October 2017

Started 17 October 2017 by Web IT Solutions LLP

Custom font not appearing in browsers on devices where the font isn't installed

Hi, I need some help here. Pretty new to Themler (seems a good product), but can't get a specific custom font (DIN) to appear in browsers on devices where the font isn't installed. It does appear in...
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02 June 2016

Started 01 June 2016 by peter.janssen.steenokkerzeel

Can't find Themler >> Additional CSS

Sorry, maybe a stupid question: Where i can find the "Additional CSS" Posslibility? Somewhere on the Themler UI or on the backend? I would like to add some custom fonts. Many thanks martin
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09 April 2016

Started 06 April 2016 by Liceo